Join us on today’s podcast as Christine MacMillan engages in a heartfelt conversation with Vineeta Dhillon, a remarkable woman whose journey from India to the USA in 1986 is a testament to resilience and determination. Currently calling California home, Vineeta has dedicated nearly three decades of her professional life to the esteemed maritime academy, finding immense joy and purpose in her contributions. But Vineeta’s impact doesn’t stop there—beyond her role at Cal Maritime, she immerses herself in the world of watercolors and has authored and illustrated five captivating children’s books. One of her proudest creations, “The Mermaid Who Became a Captain,” pays homage to the remarkable alumna Shireen Shipman, with proceeds from its sales supporting a scholarship on campus.

Vineeta and Christine delve into the inspiring journey behind the Women in Maritime Leadership Conference at Cal Maritime—a significant annual event now in its 13th year. Stemming from a powerful moment at a Women in Leadership conference in Dana Point in 2011, where the synergy among women addressing workplace gender inequities was palpable, Vineeta recognized the need for a similar empowering environment on their campus. Despite her role as the contracts and risk manager, she took the bold initiative of reaching out to various student groups to understand their unique needs. With unwavering determination, she secured funding directly from the President to create a space for students to experience the same synergy, fostering conversations, inspiration, and mutual support from successful women in their respective fields.

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