In today’s episode, Christine speaks with Bridget Truxilo, who has firsthand experience with harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and a hostile work environment.  As the only female on the SWAT team, along with her time on patrol and as an undercover narcotics investigator, she knows what it feels like to have no one to trust and to feel defeated at every turn.

This is why Bridget started the Lady Law Shield, to help those feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by a seemingly unwinnable battle.  Bridget is passionate about helping anyone facing the same types of internal employment-related issues discover their ability to find happiness daily, regardless of the environment or circumstances surrounding them.

Bridget has 30 years of wellness, leadership, law enforcement, and legal training and experience that you can leverage for a blueprint on how to feel more comfort, ease, and support for increased balance and joy in life.

Bridget is an attorney, former Deputy Sheriff (SWAT and undercover narcotics), and the founder and CEO of the Lady Law Shield Law Firm and Protective Wellness.  She is licensed to practice in TX, LA, NY, and FL.  Lady Law Shield helps clients across the country, including Hawaii, with employment-related issues based on violations of protections afforded by federal law.

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