Today, we are pleased to unveil the Women Offshore Podcast! 

Here at Women Offshore, we have been working tirelessly on our own podcast! Today, we launch the Women Offshore Podcast, starting with our first episode about career advancement and job seeking on the water. Future episodes will include sea stories from seafarers, and cover certain topics, such as working offshore as a mom and the #metoo movement – you won’t want to miss out.

You May Be Wondering, “What’s A Podcast?”

Perhaps you have never listened to a Podcast before – that’s okay! Podcasts are a form of audio broadcasts on the Internet. The name derives from the the words “iPod” and “broadcast.” iPod is in the name because before smart phones, people downloaded audio shows on iPods. Since the invention of the smart phone, podcasts are available in various smart phone apps, such as the iTunes Podcast and Google Play apps.

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The Women Offshore Podcast will soon be available in iTunes Podcast and Google Play! We will update you when that happens. For now, listen to our podcast at the bottom of this article. If you haven’t already, JOIN Women Offshore and we will send you updates as each episode comes out, in addition to our newsletter.

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Our First Episode

The first episode of the Women Offshore Podcast is hosted by the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno. Ally introduces Sheila LaFleur (pictured below), the Principal at Job Propeller and a 2002 alumna of the California Maritime Academy, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Sheila holds a USCG Unlimited Master’s License and has 7 years of shipping experience on board tankers, tugs, break bulk, and multi-product vessels.

Since coming shore-side in 2009, Sheila has spent her career working as one of the most successful maritime recruiters in the field. Sheila has coached hundreds of industry professionals in taking their careers to new heights.

In 2017, Sheila went out on her own to launch Job Propeller, offering resume writing services for maritime industry professionals. You may recall that Women Offshore featured Job Propeller last year. 

At Job Propeller, Sheila’s candidates have secured interviews by effectively translating their experience into targeted and well-crafted resumes.  Sheila has perfected the art of making the right information stand out to HR recruiters and hiring managers.

In 2018, Sheila launched an additional service though Job Propeller, offering third party recruitment and HR consulting for maritime industry employers.  Job Propeller works closely with numerous maritime companies to identify the right candidates for their open positions.

Sheila is an expert when it comes to matching people with opportunity. She is passionate about helping maritime industry professionals excel in their careers and equipping companies to grow stronger with the right people on board.

Today, on the Women Offshore Podcast, Episode 1, Sheila offers some tips and tricks to take control of the job search. How can one stand out in the sea of applicants? What can be done to prepare for a job interview? Should thank you letters be handwritten or sent in an email? Sheila has the answers to take your job seeking process to a new level!

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